Saturday Match Results

Saturday 27th August

Everyone wanted to draw the bowl today - it was solid - fish everywhere, like soup !!!

there was only ever going to be 1 peg to draw and that was 55, when feeder specialist Liam Yeomans drew it, we all knew he was never going to get a better chance of qualifying. first chuck to the water inlet, tip goes round, 5lb in the net. i truly though the writing was on the wall when i left - i even told him where the spare nets were as he "only" had 2 with him.

fast forward 5 hours

i meet Colin Chapman in the car park, he has broken his 4 and 5 sections trying to stop a fish, had to swim after his top kit and threw back 6 carp as Terry was admitting to 10 carp and he was confident the bowl had been emptied. Terry had fished paste down the middle on peg 38 for 11.5lb of silvers and carp on top to weigh 61lb 4oz. Dobber Dale then weighed 27lb 12oz complaining about fish everywhere but unable to get them to take a hook bait (they do not normally eat dog biscuits or marshmallows here). Then my dad put 36lb 14oz on the scales from peg 47. 4 lost fish a couple of foul hookers and fish feeding everywhere but not on hook bait !
Geddes weighed in just out of interest and ounced Dale by 2oz - he thought he only had 20lb ! Steve Zseli and Graham Statham did not bother to weigh as they had struggled for bites, so onto the bowl and expected mega weights. Jon Courtney's biggest fish was a perch @ 2.5lb, Bronc did not bother but said it was like fishing in a washing machine - there were that many fish in front of him ! Yoey had 17lb

what a weird day ??? a bit damp at times too

1st Terry Brindley, peg 38 - 61lb 4oz pole/paste
2nd John Bates, peg 47 - 36lb 14oz pole/corn
3rd Geddes Murray, peg 74 - 27lb 14oz pole/paste

roll on tomorrow !


Saturday 20th August

as i sit here, thinking about what to write, watching the olympic closing ceremony i cannot get the hope out of my mind that my sleep pattern will return to some sort of normality. at least until the para olympics start !

a weekend affected badly by the weather, especially on saturday. poles being pushed and pulled all over the place by rogue gusts of wind. heavy showers at times and then red hot sunshine at others. carbon being shattered and smashed, some by fish and some by Aidie Holland's backside - see it's not just Dom !

Lycho is filling up nicely with another 2 qualifiers this weekend. a convincing win on saturday from Steve Zseli and then from Colin Chapman on sunday, but from the same peg - 63.

1st Steve Zseli, peg 63 - 76lb 3oz pole/maggot
2nd Paul T Twigger, peg - 53lb 8oz pole/paste
3rd Mark Sidwells, peg 2 - 47lb 1oz pole/corn

the weather caused a few lost fish and a change of tactics too. Steve scaled down for bites and then proceeded to catch decent carp at @ 8 metres out. Mark's peg was badly affected by the wind and was forced to fish on just his top 2 - even in between his keep nets at times. now considering he lost 10 fish it's a case of what could have been - AGAIN !


Saturday 13th August

if my fishing carries on like it is i will be taking up birdwatching, photography and snooker ! What a load of rubbish, carp feeding in front of me for over 4 hours and i manage to get 2 out and lose 7 - what's going on ???

Steve Brindley did not have that problem and he had a convincing win to top his Lycho account to a full 5lb. fishing corn to either margin on the island of peg 45 he landed carp steadily through the match.

The Yomeister was convinced that he had finally qualified for Lycho and i maybe led him on slightly when i told him the best weight was 36lb - sorry Yoey !!!
you cannot be disappointed with a 2nd though especially with 22 on the lake - well done !

has Andy Findlay's bubble has finally burst ?
it was no surprise when he drew another end peg but the canal section did not really fish today. still, 6 wins from 8 is still not too shabby

1st Steve Brindley, peg 45 - 70lb 4oz pole/corn
2nd Liam Yeomans, peg 63 - 44lb method/corn
3rd John Davies, peg 42 - 36lb 10oz pole/maggot
4th Kevin Dales, peg 62 - 34lb 10oz pole/corn
5th Richard Wells, peg 38 - 33lb 4oz pole/corn

i was not the only one to lose fish, but it is becoming a significant feature of fishing at Lychgate - if you can keep the losses down you are in with a chance of a big weight and a decent frame !


Saturday 6th August

A busy Weekend at the office about 50 over the 2 days and a few fish to boot !

Saturday was a scorcher, flat calm, sunbathing weather and a few crispy bodies at the end of the match. the fish did not really want to play and those with a bit more depth of water and space seemed to do better. having said that there was at least 1 (Steve White) that tipped back enough fish to frame - oops !

classic schoolboy error !!!

Dan Eaton, fresh from his parkers festival managed to cast enough times into the water to land enough for a relatively comfortable win. he cast into the tree and reeds enough to throw his rod up the bank, but by this time he had already caught enough.

1st Dan Eaton, peg 55 - 48lb 12oz method/corn
2nd Kev Clark, peg 62 - 33lb 14oz pole/pellet
3rd Terry Brindley, peg 38 - 30lb 10oz pole/paste
4th Steve Cotton, peg 71 - 21lb 1oz pole/corn
5th Steve Brindley, peg 26 - 18lb 2oz pole/corn


Saturday 30th July

Oh how i would like to be a fly on the wall on the next Cheylesmore AC outing !!!

John 'Gibbo' Gibbs will have a certain satisfaction in "telling" my dad John Bates that he has qualified for Lycho 2017

John drew peg 56 and had to ask where it was as it had been that long since he drew in the bowl, he lost a few but managed to get @ 14 small carp out for a very close (8oz) win over Paul Gardener who was also drew in the bowl.

It was pretty close all the way down the order with lost fish proving costly for many

1st John Gibbs, peg 56 - 54lb 4oz pole/corn
2nd Paul Gardener, peg 63 - 53lb 12oz pole/corn
3rd Steve Cotton, peg 46 - 41lb 6oz pole/pellet
4th Steven Zseli, peg 62 - 31lb 8oz pole/corn
5th Jim Spradbury, peg 35 - 28lb 10oz pole/pellet
6th Jon Courtney, peg 77 - 28lb 8oz method/corn
7th Kev Carter, peg 13 - 27lb 14oz pole/paste

with another 5 weights over 20lb an odd fish here or there made a massive difference

Well done John.


Saturday 23rd July

A mixed weekend !

good fishing for some, hard for others.

the weather played a massive role - Saturday, still air, scorching hot and every carp on the lake sunbathing making catching conditions near impossible.

Saturday Bruce Robinson booked his place for Lycho 2017 taking the number of qualifiers to 15 out of 35 available spaces.

Steve Brindley did not start catching until the last 1/2 hour and if the match had of been 15 minutes longer the result would have likely have been very different !

1st Bruce Robinson, peg 35 - 47lb 2oz pole/pellet
2nd Steve Brindley, peg 7 - 39lb 10oz pole/pellet
3rd Uncle Mick Wilson, peg 55 - 31lb 4oz pole/pellet
4th Graham Statham, peg 65 - 27lb 10oz pole/pellet


Saturday 9th July

A busy couple of days but the fishing results this weekend have been overshadowed by the sad loss of Barry Bennett. Plenty retelling of tales and stories before the draw, Barry certainly touched an awful lot of lives locally.

R.I.P. Big Man.

1st Andy Findlay, peg 45 - 46b 1oz method/meat
2nd Jonny Harvey, peg 76 - 43lb method/pellet
3rd Daniel Eaton, peg 68 - 40lb pole/pellet
4th John Varley, peg 79 - 38lb 2oz method/meat

Saturday 2nd July

12 months ago the temperature hit 37 degrees - overcoat and waterproofs today !

the fishing was hard but they say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going - or something like that. as it was it was a close run thing with the carp not really willing to feed in numbers and generally only small silvers happy to have a munch - Jamie Horler had over 70 roach !

Terry Brindley sat it out for the carp and managed to get 5 out from peg 41- pole and pellet into open water the method and qualification for Lycho to boot. Colin Chapman perhaps should have won having lost too many fish - again and Kev Dales seems to be making the frame on a regular basis these days - especially when his dad is not here !!!

1st Terry Brindley, peg 41 - 25lb 2oz pole/pellet
2nd Colin Chapman, peg 71 - 22lb 10oz bomb/pellet
3rd Kev Dales, peg 26 - 20lb 14oz pole/pellet

interestingly fish seemed to start to feed better as the match wore on - Terry Sanderson had 3 carp in the last 10 minutes. he started to ping pellets and fish the bomb. as he did not have to collect his wife until 6pm he decided to stay on - i left at 5.10 and he had had 18 carp in 2 hours - solid !!

just imagine if you had done it an hour earlier, Terry !

probably will not work at all today but the later start hopefully will work in our favour - fingers crossed

Saturday 25th June

Another 20+ turnout today saw another really close competition. i am not sure whether the best plan of attack is beef up the tackle, reduce the number of bites and take care with trying to convert every hooked carp into a netted fish or scale down, fish for anything that swims and pray you get the carp in.

i am not convinced there is a happy medium at the minute

one thing for certain is the carp are starting to move all over the lake and you will NOT win with silvers alone. methods or baits do not seem to matter much either. the fish are there and at some point they will take your bait - it is then up to you to try and get them out - good luck !!!

1st Steve Brindley, peg 56 - 46lb 8oz pole/pellet shallow
2nd Suzi Smith, peg 38 - 42lb 7oz pellet feeder/meat
3rd Doggin Dave Hurlesden - 41lb 12oz pole/meat
4th Terry Sanderson, peg 45 - 37lb 13oz pole/cheese
5th Seth Cotton, peg 9 - 33lb 11oz pole/maggot
6th Steve Smith, peg 76 - 31lb 2oz method/corn
7th Colin Chapman, peg 22 - 29lb 6oz pole/paste

these 7 lost 36 - yes 36 fish between them - explanations on a post card !!!

John Bates and Terry Sanderson both lost top 2's but luckily my dad had Colin sat next to him and he went in to get it for him - what a nice man. Terry was not so fortunate, so if you come across a top 2 with purple hydro in it - sell it

Dan Eaton also lost tackle and stripped of to get it - it was a float !!!

they are not all in Jerusalem !!! please remind me Sarah what is it you see in him ?

Saturday 18th June

People must have heard that the fishing should be getting better - 25 turned up to fish the match this morning, it was like another Lycho final. i will be needing a bigger car park soon !!!

with such a turn out i spread everyone out over the whole pool and while i maintain this is the right thing to do there were some areas that were unfancied and some that some wanted to avoid completely. as it turned out the winner and 6th came from one side of the canal, 2nd from the other, 3rd from the straight, 4th from the bowl and 5th from between the bridges ! just proving we have no idea where the winner will come from as they are all fliers

not quite as close as the last couple of matches but weights improving steadily again.

1st Kev Dales, peg 22 - 67lb 12oz pole/pellet
2nd Mark Sidwells, peg 13 - 51lb 10oz pole/maggot
3rd Steve Smith, peg 77 - 49lb 8oz pole/pellet
4th Charlie Thackrah, peg 63 - 44lb 7oz pellet feeder
5th Suzi Smith, peg 42 - 35lb pellet feeder
6th Steve Brindley, peg 35 - 34lb 8oz pole/corn

Kev wanted a later start to get better weights - he was quite happy with the result though. He couldn't make the late start tomorrow as he is having a lie in and opening all his father's day gifts !!! just a shame his dad, Lol, could not witness his qualification as he had an appointment with a thai masseuse (allegedly).

local angling personality and star, Aaron Morton is planning a sneaky visit tomorrow as is Shaun Weed. it is father's day and they are expecting a smaller turnout so they can qualify with less competition. the lengths that people will go to.

12 draw tomorrow, kettle on @ 11


Saturday 11th June

A really interesting weekend !

difficult fishing - as usual
fair - extremely
close - definitely
super stars - of course
lost fish - obviously
Lychomania - another 2 new qualifiers !

with only 35 places available for Lycho 2017, we are off to a flier, 6 matches and 6 qualifiers - including 2 new names !!!

Saturday, we thought it was going to be tough following the spawning activity all week and then the overnight rain. so much so that Uncle Mick Wilson put a tenner up for the best silver fish only net !

Jamie Horler's ears pricked up and 5 hours later he put 2 carp and @ 200 little perch, roach and skimmers on the scales for a brilliant 24lb 12oz. the carp came down the edge and he concentrated his efforts there for the last 2 hours otherwise who knows how many fish he could have had ! as it was, he only won by 6oz from Ray Brunt, who also had over 7lb of skimmers.

1st Jamie Horler, peg 63 - 24lb 12oz pole/maggot
2nd Ray Brunt, peg 2 - 24lb 6oz pole/pellet
3rd Suzie Smith, peg 35 - 20lb 14oz pole/meat

Saturday 4th June

The lull following the busy weekend last but what a funny week ! a few eyes have been opened at the sheer volume and size of some of the carp swimming around in the pond but will they feed properly at the minute - NO !!!

its really tough and incredibly frustrating. i think a few more days like today will see the fish lining up to spawn but in the mean time when a shoal of anything up to 30 big carp swim over your bait and mill around for an hour clearing every scrap of food but not a single bite - what is going on ?!?!?

Steve Smith rounded a fine week of with a 2nd yesterday and a then a win today and Mark Sidwells won yesterday. both won their respective matches easily but the backing "weights" were very close

Mark Sidwells, peg 66 - 31lb 10oz
Steve Smith, peg 71 - 16lb 14oz
Albert Bray, peg 55 - 16lb 11oz
Jamie Horler, peg 44 - 14lb 14oz

Saturday 21st May

i couldn't leave it much longer - i bet Jacko has been checking every 5 mins !

Well done - we always knew you could do it

3 early fish on the method and then a run of fish on the pole and paste but a barren spell for the last hour let Uncle Mick on the next peg run close and if the match had finished at 3.30 rather than 3.15 the result could well have been different - but that is history and Jacko is in Lycho 2016.

the bream were conspicuous by there absence, they are spawning and it made the carp the only viable target. some real edge pigs are starting to creep around - uncle mick had 1 of 14lb today and Guy's 5 fish went over 34lb !

they are not all big fish as Lee Hanson had 9 for his 34lb but what it does mean that if you lose a couple of fish it could be anything from a missed 6lb or 30lb - and on a close day that will make a massive difference !

1st Dave Jackson, peg 63 - 45lb 14oz
2nd Mick Wilson, peg 65 - 44lb 3oz - mainly paste
3rd Guy Hope, peg 41 - 34b 9oz - mainly paste
4th Lee Hanson, peg 22 - 34lb 2oz pellet feeder
5th Marc White, peg 58 - 30lb 8oz pole/worm

well done Dave (about time)

Saturday 14th May

a good turnout, 25 on the lake just a pity the fish did not want to come out and play !

i was watching the carp in the back lake and they were scoffing, and i mean SCOFFING swarms and swarms of tadpoles, great sheets of them !

not many people will be using those i thought !

As it was it was "Mr Hovis", John 'Nobby' Clarke using his staple, that topped the frame today. BIG pieces of flake hook bait, over liquidised bread the method, half a dozen carp and a hybrid the result. i think the normal amount nobby feeds covered any tadpoles in 3 or 4" of crumbs so the carp had no other choice of what to eat. he hooked his last and biggest fish 5 minutes before the end and landed a near double just after the whistle. faultless timing - zero to hero !

He did, however, commit the cardinal sin of not paying his £2 and did NOT qualify for Lycho - oops !

1st Nobby Clarke, peg 22 - 26lb 10oz pole/bread
2nd Mick Linnett, peg 38 - 25lb 13oz pole/pellet
3rd Mick Smith, peg 80 - 21lb 5oz pole/maggot
4th Jim Spradbury, peg 45 - 20lb pole/pellet
5th Andy Findlay, peg 76 - 18lb 9oz method

lost fish on a day like today proved very important and when someone like Andy can lose 4 properly hooked fish on the rod - ANYONE can lose a few !!!

Saturday 7th May

a good turn out and very much a match of 2 halves, not a lot between the top 2 and not a lot between the next 3 BUT quite a gap in between !

it was even warm enough to see Dave pikey Jackson for the first time of the year and sure enough - he caught a pike !!!

Stretch Armstrong followed on from his salmon run in the week and had a lovely net of fish from all over peg 35, 10 good carp and around 5lb of silvers all on worm were just enough to secure top spot from Jamie Horler. Jamie was the other end, on 63, in the bowl, also on worm but all on his top 2 down the edge !

Jamie had 8 carp (beasts - 2 went 17lb 1oz !) and 1lb of silvers

1st Dave Armstrong, peg 35 - 64lb 11oz pole/worm
2nd Jamie Horler, peg 63 - 59lb 15oz pole/worm
3rd Jon Courtney, peg 41 - 22lb 15oz feeder/maggot
4th, Ian Shirley, peg 52 - 22lb 6oz pole/various
5th Jason Perks, peg 66 - 19lb 14oz pole/maggot

i have had a few calls about the match tomorrow, 11 o'clock draw and i honestly think we will beat the current best of the year so far Mick Smith's 85lb odd - right man on the right peg, warm night tonight, plenty of bait - the carp are ready to eat

Saturday 23rd April

Darren Milne promises me a birthday party and doesn't even show up - what is happening in the world ???

i know i am getting older but i seriously do not know how Terry manages to sit with 16 metres of carbon for the bet part of 5 hours. i finally found some fish but had to go to almost 17 metres for the last 45 minutes and i am knackered - i have had to have a lie down and some paracetamol. i know he has more "ballast" than me, but i salute you sir !!!

the hard overnight frost did us no favours at all today and it was not until the last hour when the wind dropped and the sun shone a bit that the fish fed. i truly think that another hour and we would have seen an awful lot more fish. this being the case i am really hopeful for tomorrow's late starter. i did not peg the bowl at all today.

Valleys vultures, Mick 'Oz' Linnet and Jim Spradbury made their first visit of the season today and they stormed the leader board in style. Jim's biggest of the day almost smashed his pole but even if he had got it in it would not have counted as canada geese are banned ! Mick struggled with foul hookers but managed to chop and change between the pole and feeder to get 6 carp out along with a nice little tench to win and qualify for Lychomania - well done Mick. My dad, John Bates was second for the second time this month and even he says he should have done better having lost 6 carp !

1st Mick Linnet, peg 73 - 33lb 8oz pole/feeder
2nd John Bated, peg 22 - 23lb 8oz pole/maggot
3rd Jim Spradbury, peg 31 - 19lb 7oz pole/pellet
4th Mick Smith, peg 45 - 17lb 6oz pole/pellet/maggot
5th Paul Bates, peg 68 - 15lb 10oz pole/meat
6th Colin Chapman, peg 26 - 15lb 7oz pole/paste

quite a few fish lost today and some lumps amongst them, some bream showing and a few bites to be had. things starting to look up a bit ?!?!?

Saturday 16th April

another tough day at the office but what on earth is happening with the weather ??? i got a bit of a sun tan on wednesday, almost drowned in torrential rain yesterday and then frozen today. not sure if it was snow falling heavily or hail falling softly, what ever it was it was white and cold !

Cashpoint Bronc started the year as he finished off the last - moaning, no surprise there !!! peg 2, moan, fish too long, moan, too windy, moan - you gotta love him ! then he catches a few fish and everything is all rosy again. at least his winnings will go towards mrs bray's new clutch

1st Albert Bray, peg 2 - 28lb 13oz pole/meat
2nd Suzi Smith, peg 29 - 21lb 6oz feeder/maggot
3rd Steve Smith, peg 69 - 10lb 13oz feeder/maggot

i hope lost carp are not going to be such a player again this year but it is not looking good so far. Steve lost 4 in the last 1/2 hour and lost 3 carp, 2 foul hookers and 1 that took me round the island around to peg 82. i played another for @ 25mins - hooked fair and square in the tail - a beast about 18-20lb - unfortunately it wouldn't go in my net and when i tried for the 3rd time it decided it had had enough and broke my hook length - i very nearly swore.

i did manage to have @ 50 fish, 11 different species, loads of bites but nothing bigger than 8oz and when you could put a saddle on some of these fish swimming around, you need an awful lot of silvers to compete !

Saturday 9th April

who was going to "Rule The World" on Grand National day ? only ever going to be 1 winner today - Uncle Mick Wilson.

fishing various baits on the pole into open water and down to the tree on peg 41 he landed 9 carp, lost 4 or 5 and managed another 6 species of silvers too ! i think everyone fancied the bowl with the wind and weather early doors but the wind strengthened and made things more difficult on there, the straight too was really tough. everyone lost fish and admitted to at least 2 each but the top 3 all came from between the bridges.

there were a lot of fish showing all over, up in the water. the pike were spawning again and the carp are munching eggs and cleaning off from their winter slumber. water temperature is now 11 degrees so as the carp wake up more and finish their clean off they will be looking for a more meaty bait, i think, i hope !

Yoey lost 2 lumps at the net so ANOTHER lycho qualifier slips through his fingers.

1st Mick Wilson, peg 41 - 30lb 4oz pole/maggot
2nd Mick Dobilo Smith, peg 81 - 19lb 8oz pole/pellet
3rd Liam Yeomans, peg 36 - 17lb 12oz feeder/corn


Saturday 2nd April

Jonny Harvey should look pleased with himself, a double maggot pike, first match of the year and qualified for Lycho to boot - awesome !!!

well done Jonny

a great turnout, some decent weather later on after the early rain, a really close match but the fish did not really want to know too much about bait.

the pike were spawning in the bowl and there are a couple of real crocs amongst them (not my shoes before anyone starts). one hen fish must be pushing 25lb+

the carp were following them around just munching the eggs as they were being laid. the water in front of me was like fish soup but could i catch - no ?!?

1st Jonny Harvey, peg 81 - 14lb 2oz pole/maggot
2nd Lol Dales, peg 22 - 14lb pole/pellet
3rd Paul Bates, peg 56 - 12lb 13oz pole/maggot/meat
4th Suzi Smith, peg 52 - 10lb 7oz feeder/pellet
5th Terry Brindley, peg 47 - 10lb 6oz pole/maggot
6th Gaz Kitching, peg 35 - 9lb 15oz pole/cor

only 4lb between the top 6 and everyone lost fish, some foul hookers - the pike i landed was hooked fairly and squarely in the tail only 5 minutes before the end but i did lose 4 carp so my luck balanced out - as usual. Lol Dales took the bragging rights - AGAIN as Kev tipped back rather than weigh.

"what did you have Kev ?"
"11-12lb as a guess, just 3 carp."
"oops ! classic schoolboy error !!!"

all honours go to Jonny though for today, like he said - better than going to work !

thanks to everyone